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If you are here you sure have heard "streetwear" countless times, but do you know what it means?. We are not talking about its literal definition.
We talk about its uses and misuses, its relevance in today's industry and message that it carries. The term streetwear is actually a quite common term in the world of modern fashion. Refers to a style hallmark of street fashion that has its roots in culture Californian and skateboarding but also encompasses elements of hip hop fashion.
It's not just clothes. Relegating street wear as a fashion style only is an injustice because since its inception it has become an important youth or urban movement that has rocked the fashion scene. By this reason is more as a culture, because it encompasses the dreams and aspirations of youth urban and largely represents his attitude contrary to imposed fashion.
Is also associated with a taste for street sports, free style dancing, alternative music, alternative fashion, etc... Streetwear is constantly evolving and therefore so difficult to determine exactly this fashion. Streetwear has traveled along way from its beginnings with in this trend.

In short, Streetwear is you.


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Ejemplo título de colección Vista
Ejemplo título de colección Vista
Ejemplo título de colección Vista
Ejemplo título de colección Vista

Streetwear, But Different

Inspires by Asian and West streetwear, at FortuneDevil™ we are aiming to create designs filled with stories, symbols, and colors. Working with countless designers from all over the world allowed us to shift our mindset of what streetwear means for us.

Making Changes

Fashion is an ever changing beast. Untaimable and adapting. We like to unleash this ferocity and experience with vivid pattern, styles and colors thoughout our new and upcoming collections.